How to participate in user tests on iOS devices

Users on iOS devices can now participate in user tests with their iPhones and iPads!

Anyone can start a test on their browser through the share link (no Marvel account required)

If you're working with stakeholders and clients, you can share the link to your user test which will open in mobile Safari! For participants to go through the test, they'll need to follow these steps:

  1. Open the Share Link for the test in the browser
  2. Enter your full name and your email so that the person running the test can properly identify you
  3. Give "" permission to access the mic and camera when prompted
  4. Go through the test
  5. Once you're ready to finish the test, click the "Stop test" button on the bottom left-hand corner and confirm when prompted

Once the participant has finished with the test, their results will be uploaded to your account and available for you to look at from your dashboard.


If your participant experiences any issues while uploading their test, please see if they can download their test result and send it to to get it uploaded! 

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