How to start user testing a Figma prototype (Beta)

This feature is currently only available for a small group of users. If you would like to test your Figma prototypes get in touch with to get access to this beta feature.

You can now create user tests using your Figma prototype in just a few clicks. Your participants will also have the option to share their browser window or even their entire screen when completing a test.

Preparing your Figma file:

  1. To get started, you need to get a link to your Figma prototype
  2. Open your file in Figma and at the top right press the play icon
  3. Now you should see your Figma prototype
  4. Click ‘Share’ to bring up the share dialog
  5. Ensure that your share link visibility is set to ‘Anyone with the link’ and not ‘Only people invited to this file’
  6. Press ‘Copy link’


Note: Marvel accepts only links where the visibility is set to ‘Anyone with the link’. The URL should start with ``.

Creating a user test project:

  1. Go to your Marvel dashboard
  2. Click on Create Project
  3. Click User Test
  4. Paste your Figma file or prototype URL and press Continue
  5. The Test name is generated using your Figma file name and version, you can update if needed
  6. Select either Free Roam or Goal-based test
  7. Click Invite participants
  8. Click Copy to share the link to your test or click Send email


Tips for participants:

  1. When the participant receives your link, they will be asked to enter their name and email address
  2. Then press I accept to consent to terms
  3. The browser will ask for access to their microphone and camera (Chrome) | (Safari) | (Edge) | (Opera
  4. Confirm this choice in Marvel by pressing Yes, enable or Skip
  5. Press Start testing to enable screen sharing via your browser (macOS) | (On Windows, follow the directions outlined in the "Choose what to share" pop-up) 
  6. Choose to share this current tab, the whole browser window, or the entire screen. Look for the tab name starting with ‘➡️➡️➡️ Pick this screen’

Note: The screen sharing pop up can vary between browsers and advise participants to use the latest versions of the browsers compatible with this feature (Chrome, Safari, Edge and Opera).

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