How to downgrade / cancel your plan

Canceling because of COVID-19?

If you are impacted by COVID-19, speak to the team about the options available such as pausing your plan.

If you no longer need your Marvel account, you can downgrade your account to the free plan.

  1. Hover over your avatar on the bottom left corner of your dashboard
  2. Click on My Account 
  3. Click on the Billing tab
  4. Click on Change plan
  5. Select the free plan to downgrade to the free plan or another option to switch plans

Please note, once you switch to your free plan, any prototypes over the free plan limit (1 project) will be made inactive immediately. 

What happens to my account and projects when I downgrade?

Once you downgrade, your account changes to be limited to 1 project. That means all other projects are made inactive as well as other links and services:

  • Your share links will become inactive. That means anyone trying to access your prototypes through previous links in documentation, emails, comments etc will not be able to access the working prototype. 
  • Any collaborators you have added to Marvel will no longer have access to projects
  • Comments on those projects will no longer be available
  • User test results will become unavailable 

Your projects are never deleted,  so everything is kept safe should you need to upgrade again in the future.

If you're unsure of what impact downgrade will have on your account, speak to our support team first and we'll run you through your options.


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