How to set up Google Single Sign-On (SSO)

Easily set up your Google SSO so that employee access to Marvel can be managed by your IT admin. 

  1. Go to your GSuite admin at
  2. Navigate to Apps
  3. Navigate to SAML Apps
  4. Use the + button in the bottom-right to create a new SAML App
  5. Select 'Setup my own custom app' at the bottom of the modal that appears
  6. Download and send us the IDP Metadata (option 2)
  7. Set the application name to 'Marvelapp SSO'
  8. Set the application description to 'Single Sign-on for'
  9. Set the ACS URL to
  10. Set the Entity ID to
  11. Set the Name ID to 'Basic Information' and 'Primary Email'
  12. Set the Name ID Format to 'PERSISTENT'
  13. Next, add two new attribute mappings with the 'Add new mapping' button
  14. Mapping 1: 'email' 'Basic Information' 'Primary Email'
  15. Mapping 2: 'username' 'Basic Information' 'Primary Email'
  16. Select 'Finish' to ensure the new app is saved
  17. Turn the new app 'On for Everyone'

Please note switching on a SAML app can take 24 hours to take effect.

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