How to set up OneLogin Single Sign-On (SSO)

Easily set up your OneLogin SSO so that employee access to Marvel can be managed by your IT admin. 

  1. Go to your OneLogin Apps panel at  <your-id>.
  2. Select Add App
  3. Search for 'SAML' in the search box
  4. Select the 'SAML Test Connector (IdP w/attr)' from the list
  5. Give the app a name then select 'Save' in the top right
  6. In the 'Configuration' tab:
    1. set 'Recipient' to
    2. set 'ACS (Consumer) URL Validator' to .*
    3. set 'ACS (Consumer) URL' to
  7. In the 'Parameters' tab, add the fields:
    1. Field: email, value: Email, type: custom parameter
    2. Field: username, value: Email, type: custom parameter
  8. Click into each field, ensure that 'Include in SAML Assertion' is enabled
  9. In the 'SSO' tab, set 'SAML Signature Algorithm' to SHA-256
  10. Now hover over 'More Actions' in the top. Select 'SAML Metadata'. This will download a file prefixed with 'onelogin_metadata_... .xml'. Please send this file to your Customer Experience Manager.
  11. You're all set up!
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