How to set up Okta Single Sign-On (SSO)

Easily set up your Okta SSO so that employee access to Marvel can be managed by your IT admin. 

  1. Sign in to your Okta account
  2. Navigate to your Admin page
  3. Select Add Applications from the right-hand menu
  4. Select 'Create New App'
  5. In the modal that appears select:
    1. Platform: Web
    2. Sign on Method: SAML2.0
  6. Give the app a name then select 'Next'
  7. In the 'SAML Settings' section:
    1. In 'Attribute Statements (Optional)':
    2. set 'Audience URI (SP Entity ID)' to
    3. set 'Name ID format' to EmailAddress
    4. set 'Application username' to Email
  8. In 'Attribute Statements (Optional)':
    1. Name: username, Name format: Basic, Value:
    2. Name: email, Name format: Basic, Value:
  9. Click the 'Next button at the bottom of the page
  10. Select 'I'm an Okta customer adding an internal app'
  11. Now 'Finish'
  12. From the overview page navigate to 'View Setup Instructions'
  13. Please send the IDP metadata at the bottom of the page to your Marvel Customer Experience Manager
  14. You're all set up!
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