How to play your prototype in desktop, tablet and mobile browsers

With support for every screen, you can share and present anywhere and quickly gather actionable feedback. 

Playing a prototype on desktop

From your dashboard:

    1. Hover over the prototype
    2. From here, you should be able to see the option to 'Play' your prototype below the prototype's icon

Within your project

    1. Select the project
    2. Click 'Play' on the top right-hand corner
    3. You can also hover over a screen to start playback from a specific screen ✨

Whilst adding hotspots to your prototype

    1. Select the project
    2. Hover over the prototype and select 'Prototype'
    3. Click 'Play' on the top right-hand corner

It's also possible to use the Share URL to play the prototype without logging in at all.

Playing a prototype on Tablet and Mobile Browsers

The easiest way to play a prototype from a mobile device is by using the Share URL. However, you can also log in to Marvel in your browser and follow the same steps above.

Playing your prototype in your browser

  1. Open Project Share URL in your browser
  2. Play through prototype as normal
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