How do I replace or update a screen in my prototype?

There are three ways to replace your screen:

How to replace a screen using the editor

  1. Select any project
  2. Hover over the screen that you're looking to replace, and click 'Prototype'
  3. In the top left-hand corner select 'Replace'
  4. Choose a screen to replace the existing screen
  5. If the screen was created with Canvas, you'll be taken back to Canvas to edit the screen. 
  6. If the screen was imported with Google Drive or Dropbox, you'll need to import the replacement image from the same source. 

How to replace a screen using drag and drop

  1. Select any project
  2. Drag and drop images from your computer into the project
  3. Any images that have the same file name as ones already in your project will replace automatically.

How to replace screens with the Marvel plugin for Sketch

If the screen was uploaded with Sketch, you should use the Sketch plugin to sync your changes. Find out about how this works here.

If you have added files from Dropbox, Box or Google Drive, they will automatically sync whenever the file updates.

Note - you can only add or replace screens using our supported file formats. You can view these here.

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