How do I duplicate a hotspot?

If you want to quickly copy a hotspot across multiple screens, you can save time with this handy feature:

To duplicate Hotspots and their actions across multiple pages:

  1. Hover over any image in your project and click view
  2. Once the editor opens, click and drag anywhere on the image to draw a hotspot
  3. In the image selector pop up, select a destination screen
  4. Hover over the hotspot and click the duplicate label
  5. Select each screen you want the duplicated hotspot to appear on. The screen the original hotspot is on is automatically pre-selected. Only remove this selection if you don't want the hotspot to appear on this screen anymore
  6. Click confirm 

You can also cmd+c to copy hotspots and cmd+v to paste across your screens.

Note - if you delete the screen the original hotspot was on, it'll delete the duplicate Hotspots too.

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