Our Atlassian suite of integrations allows you to add interactive wireframes, designs and prototypes to JIRA and Confluence in just one click. It's a great way to work with your design and development team within your workflow tools.

Our JIRA add-on allows you or your team to quickly add prototypes to your JIRA issues and turn a simple Marvel URL into an information card.

After adding your prototype, a preview will be generated along with additional details about your project such as the creator, last updated time and screen count. There's also quick launch buttons for playing your prototype.

You can get the Marvel add-on for JIRA here


How to install on JIRA Cloud:

  1. Login to your JIRA account as an admin
  2. Click on the admin drop-down and choose add-ons
  3. Locate Marvel for JIRA via search
  4. Click install to download and install the add-on
  5. Click closed in the install and ready to go dialogue 


How to install on JIRA Server:

  1. Login to your JIRA account as an admin
  2. Click on the admin drop-down and choose add-ons
  3. Click Find new add-ons from the left-hand side of the page
  4. Locate Marvel for JIRA via search
  5. Click Install to download and install your app.


How to add a prototype to a JIRA ticket:

  1. Find the url for your project: open your Marvel project > click on the share button in the top right-hand corner > copy the url
  2. Open the JIRA ticket
  3. In the Marvel field, paste the project url
  4. Click Insert prototype
  5. You'll be able to view key information about the prototype such as the name of the prototype, who created it and when it was last updated.
  6. To view the full prototype, simply hit the play button over the project image thumbnail


How to limit Marvel to certain projects or issues

If you don't want the Marvel unit to appear everywhere, you can limit to projects and issues of your choice.

  1. Head to Settings > Add-ons
  2. Select Marvel for JIRA
  3. Enable limits and select the projects or issue types
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