How do I create a whiteboard?

Now that more of us are working remotely, real-time collaboration with teammates is more important than ever.
The new feature (beta) is perfect for when you can't get in to the office to use a physical whiteboard; bringing the classic whiteboard experience to your screen and allowing you to brainstorm in real-time with your team.

Plan and User Requirements

User Roles: Team members with “Can Edit” permissions
Plans: This feature is available on paid plans (Pro, Team, Enterprise).


  1. Login to your Marvel dashboard
  2. Click “Create Project”
  3. Select the “Whiteboard” optionblobid7.png
  4. From here, you’ll have the ability to use one of our templates, or create a brand new, blank whiteboard!blobid9.png
  5. Once you’ve created the whiteboard, you and your team will be able to add a ton of elements to get your ideas across easily! You can even add post-it notes and arrows to create mind-maps!


Examples of how whiteboarding Improves the design process

  • Here at Marvel, we use whiteboards to create roadmaps to track what we’re working on.
  • Running online team agile retrospectives, reviewing the previous sprint.
  • Mapping out system architecture flow diagrams.
  • Creating content calendars for marketing.


If you need any help with this, please contact the Support Team by dropping a line to as we’d be happy to get resolve any of your issues as soon as possible!

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