What do the different status messages mean when viewing a user test result?

You can't always predict what happens during a live user testing session, especially when it's unmoderated.

Sometimes your participant may need to leave midway through the test, have a power cut, take a phone call or simply have a poor internet connection.

A quick way to see if there have been any hiccups with your results is to use our status feature. This gives additional information about your result so you can see exactly where problems have occurred.

Here's a breakdown of the different status messages:

Waiting (for upload)

This means the participant has started a user test but we're still waiting for the recording to be uploaded. This could be because:

  • The test is still taking place
  • The participant has left the browser tab open and hasn't finished the test or exited
  • The participant has been interrupted during the test on their device (such as a phone call) and has not resumed


This means the participant has finished the test and is currently uploading the test recording. A few things to note:

  • If the test took a long time, the upload could also take some time
  • The connection speed of the participant can also impact how long the upload takes
  • We'll keep retrying if the connection is interrupted


This means the participant started a test but never succeeded in uploading the recording.
The most common reasons for this:

  • The participant exited their browser window abruptly, for example quitting the browser applications or switching off their computer/device
  • The test was interrupted during upload such as losing internet connection and could not recover
  • The webcam/microphone recording is faulty


Backup recordings

Marvel will create a local file of the user test in the event of a failed upload. The participant will be given the option to send this file to Marvel manually after the test if the upload fails.


If you have any questions or problems, speak to our support team .


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