Heatmaps (beta)

Heatmaps allow you to view the aggregated activity on your designs, giving you a quick way to view where your participants spend their time (and clicks) whilst moving through your prototype.

This comes in useful as you begin gathering more and more results. Rather than view each result one-by-one, you can view the heatmap for the entire test to see where your call-to-actions or attention seekers were succeeding (or failing).


How to access heatmaps

Heatmaps are automatically generated whenever you receive a user test result.

  1. Go to your dashboard
  2. Click on Create Project
  3. Click User Test
  4. Enter a name for the project
  5. Click Pick a project to select the prototype you wish to test
  6. Select either Free Roam or Goal-based test
  7. Click Invite participants
  8. Click Copy to share the link to your test or click Send email 
  9. Once you've received results, click on the Heatmap tab in your user test project
  10. Jump to any screen using the Select a screen button


How to download heatmaps

You can download your heatmaps as PNGs to share them in your conversations or presentations. 

  1. Go to any user test project
  2. Click on the heatmaps tab
  3. Click on the down arrow icon to download the heatmap 
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