User roles and permissions

Our user roles give you granular control over what visibility and functionality colleagues and stakeholders get in Marvel.
The two roles are called Team Member and Contributor. Here’s how they work:

Role: Team Member (previously called Editor)
A team member is someone who works in your company and has access to all projects and folders within Marvel. This role is typically used for designers, developers, product managers, business and anyone overseeing work within the business.

Role: Contributor (previously called Guest)
Contributors are typically freelancers, clients, and stakeholders who do not need full access to all projects and folders on your account. This role only allows the user to access projects and folders they have specifically been invited to by another Team Member.
For Team Members, this permission is typically used for people who need visibility into projects on the account such as marketing, development or upper management. For Contributor, this permission used for contractors, external development houses or stakeholders who you do not want to allow to edit.

Permission: View-only
This permission removes the ability to edit projects and limits the user to viewing, developer Handoff and commenting only.

Permission: Can Edit
This permission allows the user to create, edit and manage the project and folders within their role.

Note: Contributors with the Can Edit permission are only available on our Enterprise plans

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