A guide to using Folders


Using Folders in Marvel you’ll be able to organise your work with prototypes and links to external docs in one place, with a single URL. Manage the level of access and stay on top of updates with notifications.

One of the biggest benefits is that you can share a single link to a folder containing multiple projects. No more tracking dozens of share links across emails and messages, just one place that updates in real-time as your projects get added, removed, updated, or approved.


Here are a few features you'll love

  • You can add multiple collaborators to a folder to work together, just like you can on projects
  • A single project can be in multiple folders (great for internal organisation and external presentation)
  • Folders have share links just like projects
  • Folders can be visible to the rest of your team or made invite-only
  • You can view folders you’re working on and ones created by your entire team


Getting the most out of folders

We've put together some great ideas on how you can use folders to organise clients, features, departments and work. Check it out!


How to create a folder

  1. Click Folders
  2. Click Create Folder
  3. Enter your folder name and click Create Folder


Add projects to a folder

Once you've added a prototype or user test project to your folder, it will immediately be available to any collaborators or people with the share link.

  1. Click on Folders
  2. Select any folder
  3. Click Add projects
  4. Click the checkbox to select or click and drag to select multiple projects
  5. Click Add to Folder on the bottom bar


How to invite people to a folder

If you want colleagues, stakeholders or clients to have access to a folder when the sign in to Marvel, you can invite them to be a collaborator, just like you can with projects. When they sign in, they'll be able to see the folder in their folders dashboard.

  1. Click on Folders
  2. Select any folder
  3. Click Share
  4. Search for existing team members or groups and click Add or if the user you are adding is not already in your team, click Invite a new person

The users will get a notification inviting them to access the folder.


How to share a link to a folder

You can also share the link with people outside of your Marvel workspace by using the share link. The link is accessible on both mobile or web browsers, making it easy to share work with clients and stakeholders.

  1. Click on Folders
  2. Select any folder
  3. Click Share
  4. Click Copy

Now you can paste the share the link to give view access to the folder.

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