How to archive and unarchive your projects

Archiving is a great way to manage projects you no longer need to access. 

Once a project is archived, it becomes inactive. That means it will no longer be accessible to edit or view the project, including collaborators or people who have access to the share link.

Free plan limits

The free plan has a limit of 1 project. Archived projects do not count toward your limit.

If you need to create another project you can simply archive your existing project which will make it inactive, allowing you to create a new project. If you wish to unarchive a project, make sure you do not have any active projects first. Need more projects? Upgrade here to unlock the ability to work with as many active projects as you'd like!


How to archive your project:

  1. Go to your dashboard
  2. Hover over the project you want to archive
  3. Click the checkbox
  4. Click Archive in the bottom bar

You can find your archived projects by clicking on Archive on the left-hand sidebar.


How to unarchive your project

  1. Go to your Archive dashboard
  2. Hover over the project you want to unarchive
  3. Click Unarchive

The project will become active and available on your dashboard.


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