What are your account and project security features?

Marvel's is used by 85% of the Fortune 100 to create and share their ideas, designs, and prototypes.

We take that responsibility seriously for our users and are committed to protecting the creative work that our customers trust us to store.   

Our platform has a number of different security features, giving you the power and flexibility you need around your work.


User roles and permissions

Admins have the ability to set the role and permission of every user added to Marvel, each with difference degrees of access. Users can be set to edit or view-only rights and visibility across projects can be set to full-access team members or specific-access contributors.


SAML SSO (Single Sign-On)

Marvel supports dozens of SSO providers including Okta, Azure, OneLogin and Google allowing you full control over access to your workspace.

SAML SSO is available on our Enterprise plans. Click here to arrange a demo.


Password protected share links

If you want to add a quick and easy layer of security on prototypes, you can set a password on each individual prototype. This gives you the flexibility to quickly turn access on and off.


IP restriction

Only devices at your specified IP location will be able to sign in to your workspace and view projects. This is extremely secure

IP restriction s available on our Enterprise plans. Click here to arrange a demo.


Invite-only projects

Specify whether projects can only be seen by specific members in your workspace.


Private comments

Set feedback to only be seen by team members within your workspace, hiding it from anyone accessing your projects externally.

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