How to speed up syncing on large projects

There are a few changes you can make to your Sketch file to speed up syncs with the Marvel plugin, especially if you're frequently syncing small changes.


Disable Handoff

You can quickly disable Handoff to speed up syncing from Sketch to Marvel. This prevents Marvel extracting code, spec and assets each time which can slow things down on large files.

  1. Open Sketch
  2. Click on either the ‘Sync Selected’ or the ‘Sync All’ button to get started
  3. Untick Handoff
  4. Click on the Sync button


Split your Sketch file into multiple smaller files

Smaller files means faster syncing. If you move some of your artboards to a new file the plugin will be able to read your file faster and you can sync all the Sketch files for one project into the same Marvel prototype. This will help even if you're only syncing selected artboards.


Reduce the size of images inside your file

Oversized images will greatly increase the size of your Sketch file and add to the sync time. Making sure your images are sized correctly will help immensely!

You can manually resize your images outside Sketch before replacing them or head to File > Reduce File Size in Sketch to do this automatically.


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