Working with projects owned by users outside of your workspace

Workspaces is one of the biggest changes to how you work on Marvel and brings enhanced security and visibility to your workflow.

Any projects that belong to users outside of your workspace will be under a tab in your dashboard called ‘Shared with me’. To keep things secure, these will be read-only until the owner adds you as a team member to their workspace.

  • If you have worked on projects that are owned by another Marvel user, you now must be a team member on their workspace to edit them. This keeps things secure and allows the owner to manage your access.
  • You can find the name of owner of the project and their email address in the 'Shared with me' tab. If you would like permission to edit the project, send a request to the owner to be a team member in their workspace.
  • You can still play and comment on prototypes until you are added as a team member.
  • If you wish to make a copy of the project, hover over any project, select the checkbox and then click 'copy'. 

Note: Each user or team will be enabled with a single workspace but soon we’ll be adding the ability to create multiple workspaces. If you would like to merge workspaces, please get in touch.

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