New features and changes in Marvel 3

Marvel 3 is a major update to the platform and introduces dozens of improvements, new features and benefits to your plan. Our goal was to make Marvel more of a collaborative experience and remove complexity around working together.


New features and improvements



Workspaces is one of the biggest changes to how you work on Marvel and brings enhanced security and visibility to your workflow.

Prior to workspaces, Marvel accounts were decentralised, meaning whilst everyone could collaborate with each other, it wasn't easy to manage access or get a view on project ownership.

We’ve switched to a new secure structure where everyone now has a workspace (Similar to Slack, Notion etc), which is a centralised hub for your work and collaborators, all managed under one account. Bring your entire team into Marvel to share designs, manage user testing, receive feedback and make changes in one place.

Any projects that belong to users outside of your workspace will be under a tab in your dashboard called ‘Shared with me’. To keep things secure, these will be read-only as the projects until that user is added to your workspace and ownership is transferred.

Note: Each user or team will be enabled with a single workspace but soon we’ll be adding the ability to create multiple workspaces. If you would like to merge workspaces, please get in touch.


All-new design and layout

We’ve simplified the layout of Marvel, removed the clutter and unified the navigation and core functionality such as invites and sharing.

There’s also a ton of time-saving features such as bulk actions and drag to select multiple items, making it faster than ever to get repetitive work done.



No relaunch would be complete without a mention of performance improvements. Marvel is now 4x faster! 🚀🚀🚀



Folders make it easy to bunch together prototypes and user test results - so you can share a single URL with your team, developers or wider stakeholders.

Some key features that you’ll love:

  • A single URL to share multiple projects: Forget sending dozens of share links, folders gives you a single URL that you can share with developers, stakeholders and clients.
  • Add collaborators to your folder: Work together with your team to manage folders and get quick access to what matters within your dashboard.
  • Customise your folder’s security: Folders can be visible to your team or invite-only.
  • A single project can be in multiple folders: Great for internal organisation and external presentation.

Note: If you used the older, non-sharable version of folders in v2, they will be transferred to your account in v3 and set to invite-only to keep them secure. You can change them to be visible to your team at anytime.

Comment feed and notifications

You can now see and search all comments across your account in one place, alongside unread notifications. If you go into any projects, you’ll be able to see all comments related to that project in one place.


Invite-only projects

Invite-only projects are a great way to keep certain projects hidden from the rest of your workspace. The only people who can see the project are users from your workspace that are specifically invited to it.

Note: Workspace admins can see and manage invite-only projects.


Teams are now called Groups

We’ve changed the name of our Teams feature to Groups to make it less confusing alongside our plan names.

Groups allow you to organise multiple users under a single group and add them to projects in a couple of clicks. Great for larger organisations that are spread across locations, departments, clients etc.

You can now add multiple groups to a project, saving you a ton of time when collaborating. Any new group member will automatically be added to any projects that group is collaborating on.


User Testing

Our latest feature User Testing allows you to get video, voice and analytical feedback on designs and prototypes in just a few clicks.

We’re rolling out User Testing in January. Each plan will receive a set number of user test results per project.


Sketch plugin v9

Our Sketch plugin gets a huge speed upgrade! Download it here.


Changes to features, accounts and plans


Project ownership

If you were previously collaborating on a project that you do not own and within someone else's workspace, this will be shown in a tab called ‘Shared with me’ on your dashboard.

The projects in the ‘Shared with me’ tab can not be edited, only viewed. To enable edit access, the user must agree to join your workspace. Contact us to find out how to move users between workspaces.

Changes to user roles and naming

We’ve revamped user roles and permissions to give you granular control over what visibility and functionality colleagues and stakeholders get in Marvel.

The two roles are called Team Member and Contributor. Here’s how they work:

Role: Team Member (previously called Editor)
A team member is someone who works in your company and has access to all projects and folders within Marvel. This role is typically used for designers, developers, product managers, business and anyone overseeing work within the business.

Permission: Can Edit
This permission allows the Team Member to create, edit and manage the project and folders within their role.

Permission: View-only
This permission removes the ability to edit projects and limits the user to viewing, developer Handoff and commenting only.

Role: Contributor (previously called Guest)
Contributors are typically freelancers, clients, and stakeholders who do not need full access to all projects and folders on your account. This role only allows the user to access projects and folders they have specifically been invited to by another Team Member.

For Team Members, this permission is typically used for people who need visibility into projects on the account such as marketing, development or upper management. For Contributor, this permission used for contractors, external development houses or stakeholders who you do not want to allow to edit.


Removal of Dropbox, Google Drive and Box integrations

We’ve seen a big change in how our users add upload and sync designs, with Sketch and desktop uploads now the most popular way to get designs into Marvel.

As a result, we’ve removed the ability to sync files from Dropbox, Google Drive and Box. This will allow us to simplify the platform and build new features quicker. We apologise for any disruption caused. 


If you have any questions or feedback on Marvel 3, reach out to us here.

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