How to link a hotspot to an external link (web pages, files, documents)

Marvel has a great feature which enables you to link a Hotspot to any external website. This opens up some dozens of possibilities, here's a few examples for inspiration:

  • Gather feedback at the end of your prototype by linking to a questionnaire on Typeform or Survey Monkey. Great for remote user testing or validating ideas.
  • Open a file such as a PDF, video or MP3 on your own server or somewhere on the web
  • Link to the App Store, SoundCloud, Amazon items or any piece of online content
  • Open another Marvel prototype you've made!


  1. Hover over any design in your project
  2. Click 'Prototype'
  3. Click and drag on your image to draw a hotspot
  4. Click 'Link to URL or embed'
  5. Paste your URL in the text box with 'Link' selected in the drop down menu (Select 'Open in new tab' if you'd like the link to open in a separate tab and leave your prototype open!)
  6. Click 'Save'
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