How do participants take user tests on Android devices?

At the moment, we don’t support User Testing on our Android app. Not to worry, you can still capture participant's feedback from the browser!

1. Open the User Test URL which was shared with you
2. The user test will be opened in your browser
3. To make sure that the test runs smoothly, please accept the permission of screen, sound recording and face recording in the test (if these settings are not allowed, the face recording will not be allowed to start).
4. Click ‘Start Test', to start the recording 
5. Once you’re finished with the test, you can stop recording by clicking the Stop button at the bottom-left of your screen
6. As soon as the test is complete, your results will be sent to the owner of the test.
7. The test owner (and anyone else that has access to the test from their account) will now be able to view the results

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