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Introducing User Testing with Marvel

You are now able to test your projects within Marvel! No need to go between webpages or apps, you can start testing in a just a few clicks 🎉

Our user tests are available on any iOS project. Not only can you see how users will navigate through your project, but you can also hear and see what they do, and how long it takes for them to do it!

User Testing is now available on all our Enterprise plans as an add on. If you want to find out more about the Enterprise plan and all the other cool features that are available, book a call with one of our Product Specialists.


Creating user tests

To start a User test you will need to have your project in Marvel ready to go! When you are ready to send your Marvel prototype to your testers follow the steps below:

1) Head to your dashboard and click, 'Create project' then, 'User test'. You can also start a User test from within your project! Just click the yellow share button > User test > 'start User Testing this project'

2) Fill in the tPrototype you want this test for, then select a type of test between Free Roam and Goal

3) Next you will need to send this to your users ready for testing. You can do this by clicking the, 'invite people to test' button or click, 'share user test link'.

 There are two types of tests that you can now send, Free Roam and Goal. Free Roam allows your users to roam around your app without a target. Unlike Free Roam, choosing Goal will allow you to select an end screen. This is perfect for people who want to see if finding a certain page works well in their userflow.

As well as choosing the type of test, you can also set intro and outro messages so users can better understand your test. This is perfect for giving instructions to users or linking them to feedback links or email addresses. The messages can be changed at any time by clicking the settings symbol in the top-right of the project screen.


Inviting users to the test

It is easy to invite users to test your projects, all you need is their email!

To invite users click the, 'invite people to test' button or click, 'share User test link' in your user test project. Fill this field in with any emails you like and hit, 'send User test.'

Once you have sent this test, your testers will get an email like the screenshot below.


The user can then open the User test on their iOS device by clicking the link in the email 🎉 This will open your User test on their phone so that you can start collecting your results!


Settings & Customisation

You are able to customise your intro and outro messages in the user test settings. This can be changed at any time!

To find your settings menu, click the cog symbol in the top right of the test page.

By default Hotspot hints are hidden, however this can also be changed in the settings menu! Just switch the toggle if you want your testers to see hotspot hints.


What happens during the user test (iOS)

Your user test will be sent by email to the users that you invite. Once this email has been sent it is super easy to get started!

Simply click the URL link in the email on the device you would like to test with and you will be lead to a page asking you to download our app. If you have our app already, perfect! You will be redirected to our iOS app with the user test open.

The app will ask you to allow some permissions. To start the test you will need to accept the permission of screen, sound recording and face recording 👨🏼👩🏾‍🦱

Once these permissions have been allowed, the test will start! You will be given a countdown before the recording begins. If an intro message was added, this will show first. When you are ready to move onto the project, click next and start testing!

Once you have finished navigating through the project you can finish the test by clicking the red stop button. Please note that throughout the test this stop button can be moved around the screen to make sure there is no obstruction.

The test will now be uploaded to Marvel so that it can be played back. Congratulations, you have sent your first test result  🎉


What happens during the user test (web)

Your user test will be sent by email to the users that you invite. This makes starting the test quick and easy!

All your user needs to do to start the test is click the URL in the email 🎉 Once they have clicked the URL, the Marvel test will appear in a new tab.

The page should ask you to enter your details and then a pop up will appear asking you to allow microphone and camera settings. If you do not allow these settings, a face recording will not be allowed to start. When you click 'start test', the test will start recording!

Once you have finished the test, you can stop the recording by clicking the stop button in the bottom left of your screen. The test can be stopped at any time by clicking this button. After you have confirmed that you would like the test to stop, your results will be sent to the result page. This can be viewed by heading to your dashboard and clicking the test project.



After your users have tested your prototype the results will be sent straight back into Marvel. Here you can find the name of the user, the device type, the date the test was taken, the length of time the test took and lots of other key metrics.

To reveal a video of the test, just click on a result! You can skip ahead, check the metrics and watch the user as they take a journey through your prototype.

Aggregate metrics are now available at the top of each test result page! Here you can find the number of results that have been collected so far, what percentage of people hit the goal screen (if one was set) and the percentage of misclicks that were made.

When you click to view a single result, single-result metrics are available! Our single-result metrics show the duration time of the test, if the tester hit the goal screen, how many misclicks were made, and how many screens the user visited before they ended the test.



If you created a project you'll get notifications by default, which are sent within 5 minutes of the result coming in. You'll also receive notifications of new results for a project if you've ever invited someone to participate in it.


Coming soon

If you are using MacOS, Safari does not yet support face recording, but it will be on the way shortly!🖥

Chrome and Safari browsers on iOS devices currently support basic testing. This does not yet include face recording but we are working hard on getting this released soon.📱

Although we don't support User Testing on our Android app yet, we do support basic testing in a Chrome browser on an Android device. Face recording will also be coming soon!📱


If you need any help, please contact our support team.


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