Changes to the 'Early Bird' Unlimited Free Plan

On the 27th April 2018, we introduced some changes to the Marvel 'Early Bird' Unlimited Free plan which you can find below:

The new free plan:

  • Unlimited Projects (2 active at a time)
  • Unlimited commenting
  • Handoff - Automatically turn designs into code, specs and assets for developers (currently only available on Team plans, now coming to you for free!)
  • You’ll still be able to create all the projects you need, the main difference is that two can be active at a time with the rest being stored in your Archive for you to access in just a few clicks.

When do these changes happen?
The switch to the new free plan happens on Friday 27th April.

What happens to my projects which are over the new limit?
They stay safe and sound! We’ll store them in your Archive section. Whenever you need to use the project again, you can unarchive it. You can find out more information about archiving projects here.

Where do I find my archive?

Click on the icon next to All Projects on the projects page.



Then click 'Archived by Me' on the left hand side. Hover over any project and click 'Unarchive' if you wish to start using it again,



Why are these changes happening?
In 2016 we changed our free plan from unlimited projects to 2 active projects, however we didn’t switch the older free accounts over to avoid disruption.

The downside of that was our newer free plan had more features which our early bird users couldn’t access, meaning they weren’t getting the full experience we wanted.

Now we’re looking to improve our plans with new team collaboration tools and Handoff so it felt like the right time to bring these together and give everyone access to more features.

Questions? Let’s chat!
When we started Marvel it was people like you who got the word out and advocated for us, so your feedback means everything.

We’d love to hear about how Marvel has helped you or your business. Our goal is to add even more ways for you to get amazing work done so hearing from you would be a big step in making that happen.

If you have any questions, feedback or stories, send us a message here.

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