A guide to prototype settings

 Here's a quick guide to the options available in your prototype settings menu. 



Change your project setup to a different device

Select from desktop, mobile, TV and watch devices.

To find out more about screen sizes and what size your designs need to be, click here

Switch between portrait and landscape

If you need to display your prototype in landscape mode, you can do that here


General settings

Screen background colour

This is where you can change the background colour of the prototype. This is useful if your designs don't fill the screen.

Hide prototype navigation

This removes the controls on the bottom left of your prototype play mode, including the ability to comment, Handoff and also removes the 'Open in app' option when playing your prototype in a mobile browser.




Hide hotspot hints

If you are conducting user tests, you may need to remove the hints for hotspots so that participants aren't guided through your designs

Trim status bar

When prototyping for iOS devices, Apple disables the ability to remove the native status bar (which shows the time and battery power etc) when you view the prototype on a mobile browser.

This can be a pain if you add the status bar in your designs as you'll see double bars in the prototype.

To get around this, Marvel has a feature to 'trim' the status bar from your designs by cropping the exact amount of pixels from the image so the status bar only appears once.

Disable resizing images

Marvel automatically scales images down when the browser resizes. You can disable this and display your designs at full pixel size. 

Scale down retina images

If you use retina images, some browsers will display them at double the size. This setting scales down the images by half.

Enable comments

Allow people to add feedback and annotations on screens

Comment notifications

This setting switches off email notifications when new comments are added to your prototype

Status bar colour

If you are viewing your prototype on iOS devices, you can select from two different styles of status bar (where the time and battery life are displayed)



Add password protection to your prototype 

If you want to add another layer of security then password protection is a great feature that prompts users to enter a password before viewing your prototype.

Upgrade to get this feature. Click here to view details.


Connect Marvel to other tools and services

You can find out more about the integrations available here.

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