Working with Sketch files in Marvel's Design Tool

If you use the Marvel Sketch plugin (learn more about it here) then you will be able to edit some of your designs in Marvel. This may be useful in allowing copywriters to quickly edit copy in designers' work, or for adding existing assets from Sketch into your team's library. Currently support is limited, but we're expanding our features to accommodate what our users need the most.

Opening Sketch files in the Design Tool

To open a Sketch design, hover over an image you've synchronised from Sketch and click the "Edit Design" button.

Once you've done that the Design Tool will try to open it. If your file can't be opened, you'll see the message "Your design uses features we don't support yet" with a link to this article.

If this happens, don't worry! Your design will not be modified because you clicked, "Edit Design" and it will still open exactly as expected in Handoff.


Sketch features not supported in Marvel's Design Tool

We're trying to expand Sketch support gradually, but basic designs should work. To help you work out what you can and can't open, here's a list of features we don't support. Remember, this is only what we don't support in Design Tool; Handoff supports a much larger feature set.

  • Complex paths
  • Multiple fills on a single object
  • Multiple strokes/borders on a single object
  • Outside stroke/border
  • Drop shadow
  • Inner shadow
  • Mask
  • Linear gradients
  • Radial gradients
  • Angular gradients
  • Blur
  • Tile pattern
  • Noise
  • Blend mode 

What if I make the feature completely transparent?

Sorry but that won't work! If there are multiple strokes, fills, shadows or gradients on an object, it won't work in Design Tool right now even if they've got a 0-value opacity.

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