Organising your Projects with Folders

Our Folders feature is a great way to keep your projects organised, so you can access projects most important to you without having to scroll through your entire list each time. In teams, this is particularly useful as you can organise your teams projects by department, skill-set or sprint. 

How to create a folder

  1. head to your project dashboard
  2. click the hamburger icon 
  3. next to 'folders', click 'new'
  4. Give your folder a name 

That is you all set 🚀

How to add a project to a folder

  1. hover over the project thumbnail 
  2. click 'options' > add to folder
  3. choose the folder from the dropdown list 
  4. click 'add to folder' to confirm

Your project will be displayed within the selected folder and also in your project dashboard 😸

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