How to use Layers - Adding Popovers, Sidebar Menus and Modals

Layers allow you to add elements over the top of your screens as hotspot destinations. It's perfect for adding realistic overlays such as:

  • Action sheets
  • Sidebar menus
  • Modals
  • Popovers

All you need to do is upload the layer directly to Marvel, as you would any other screen. 

How to add a Layer:

  1. Select any image in your project and click view
  2. Once the Editor opens, click and drag anywhere on the image to draw a hotspot
  3. In the image selector pop up, select the destination for your hotspot
  4. The layer an image option on the left will become available, click the button
  5. Position your layer by dragging the image in the editor,  you can also change the opacity and background colour
  6. Click save layer

Note - currently, it's not possible to combine a layer with the hover function. Transparency is also not supported with layer images. 

You can see an example of layers in action in this prototype:

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