How to get started with Marvel - Handy Videos

Hi there! We've put together some short videos to help you get started with creating your first project in Marvel and uploading images.

How to use Marvel with JPEG, PNG, Keynote or Powerpoint

It's super simple to get started if you have your design files, just drag them into Marvel and start linking. Here's how:



How to use Marvel with Photoshop

If you use Photoshop, we save you hours (days?) of time by coverting your PSDs to images so you don't have to. Oh and if you use Dropbox, Google Drive or Box everything stays in sync as you work.

How to use Marvel with Sketch

Marvel works seamlessly with Sketch thanks to our awesome plugin which sends your artboards to your project in just a few clicks. Find out more about it here.



How to use Marvel to design your screens

If you don't have any design software, try our very own design tool Canvas, it allows you to quickly create screens in Marvel directly in your browser (and now in our iOS apps too!)


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