Download your prototype offline

We know how important it is to present your work without a hitch. That's why Marvel has some great features for showcasing your prototypes without an internet connection.

This works particularly well with larger prototypes containing 50+ screens and allows your clients and team mates will get the best possible experience each and every time.

There are several download options available for your projects, click the 'Download' button in the project dashboard. 

Note: Downloads are part of our paid plans 

Offline downloads are one of the many awesome features on our paid plans. Upgrade here.


Download your prototype to your desktop (ZIP)

If you need to play your prototype offline on your desktop, select the option to download a ZIP file containing everything you need to run your prototype.

Unzip the file and double click on index.html to play

You can also upload the contents of the ZIP file to your server if you wish to run it on your own domain.


Download your prototypes as PDF

If you want to print or share your prototype as a document, our PDF feature allows you to turn each design into a separate page of the doc.


 Download your prototype to your Android mobile device

Our offline download feature for Android wraps your prototype in a native Android app, then generate a download URL which anyone can use to install directly to the device.

To get started, select the Android option in the download menu.

Note - currently, offline downloads are not supported on Android tablets. They can only be used on Android mobile phones.

When using Android download, make sure your OS is up to date and be sure to authorise Marvel: 

Authorise Marvel to install and run the app on your phone:

If you are seeing this message on your phone:


You need to authorise Marvel  on your phone by heading to your device Settings > General > Profiles & Device Management > trust Marvel Prototyping


Download screens from the Design Tool

Need to download your newly created design? You can now do this in the Design Tool with one quick click!

Your download will save straight to your desktop as a PNG, simply select the arrow next to 'Close' on your art board options panel.

Note: iOS downloads are no longer supported.

For different ways to display your iOS project, contact 

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