Will my iOS projects appear in the web version of my account?

Yes, all projects you create in your account within our app, will also appear in the web version of your account and vice versa :)

For content to appear, please refresh the web page or if you're in the app - you can pull to refresh. 

How do I play a project without an internet connection?

Ever had a meeting or presentation where the WIFI lets you down? We've added offline playback to our iOS app to make your life easier.

Once you play a prototype on the app, it will be stored in memory so if you play it again, it will load instantly without the need to download images.

Why do GIFs play slowly in the iOS app?

As Marvel is a native app, the GIF doesn’t play like it does on the web. It has to be split into multiple frames and then pieced back together again. The slowness is due to how iOS plays GIFs.

Safari on iOS devices has a limit on image size, at a certain point it will start to degrade the image so it can still be displayed without running out of memory.

The best solution to prevent blur is to keep your images under the limit, usually around 7000+ pixels long. Here is a great calculator for finding the image size limits on iOS.


Can I publish my prototype to the App Store?

Unfortunately it is not possible to submit your Marvel prototype to the App Store as Marvel prototypes are not supported with code.

If you'd like to publish your Android project to the Play store, click here to find out more.

Can I remove the 'add to homescreen' prompt?

You can remove the 'Add to homescreen' pop-up message on mobile devices by adding ?iosapp=true at the end of the share URL.

For example: https://marvelapp.com/123j56 would be https://marvelapp.com/123j56?iosapp=true

Does the iOS app work with 1Password?

We support sign-in with 1Password on the Marvel iOS app.

To set it up:

  1. Sign-up to 1Password - you'll need to have a family or team account 
  2. Install the 1Password app on your phone and verify your details
  3. Add your Marvel sign-in details to 1Password on the 1Password app
  4. You'll then be able to sign-in to the app with 1Password every time after that

Unfortunately, it's not possible to save your Marvel password with 1Password if you're creating a new account via the Marvel iOS app. You'll need to head over to the 1Password app to save your password - you'll then be able to use it to login to the Marvel app each time after that.  

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