Get started with Marvel for Sketch (plugin)



If you use Sketch to do your design work then you'll love our plugin which allows you to quickly sync your designs to your Marvel projects in just a few clicks (or keyboard shortcut!). We've also added the ability to play prototypes directly in Sketch and record your flow as an exportable video!

You can download the Marvel plugin for Sketch here.

Installing the plugin

  1. Make sure you have OS X 10.11 or later on your Mac
  2. Close Sketch 
  3. Download the Marvel plugin here
  4. Unzip the file and double click the 'M' icon file to install
  5. Select Open at the popup
  6. Choose the option to move the download to your Applications folder
  7. Open Sketch
  8. The Marvel menu will now be available on the left-hand panel


Add or sync images from Sketch to your project

Keep prototypes up-to-date with your latest design changes at the click of a button.

  1. Open your design file in Sketch
  2. Select the artboards you would like to sync with your Marvel project, then click the Sync Selected button (alternatively you can click Sync All to send everything)
  3. The export settings menu will appear, select the project you want to sync to and the image size

Note: Each artboard is unique, even if they have the same name. If you create another artboard, it won't sync with the original even if it has the same name. You'll need to edit the original artboard to sync the changes. 

Play your prototype in Sketch

The latest version of the plugin comes with a prototype player, so now you can play your prototypes without leaving Sketch! The player automatically updates each time you sync new designs.


  1. Click the Marvel menu in the top navigation within Sketch > select on play or record last updated prototypeplay.png
  2. The player will open in a separate window, showing the last project you sent artboards to
  3. Move your mouse over the window and click through the screens to move through your prototype


Record your flow as a video

If you want to quickly share a video of your prototype flow with your team or clients, you can now record your interactions within Sketch.


  1. In the player, click on the 2 chevron arrows in the top right-hand corner of the window > click on start recording
  2. Use your mouse to click through your prototype as normal
  3. Click on the 2 chevron arrows again and select stop recording
  4. Give your recording a name and click save in the pop-up dialogue

More questions? You can submit a request.