Adding people and creating teams on the Company plan

Marvel's Company plan lets you add people and assign them to teams. 

So whether you're working on projects from different offices or you just want to create a team that lets head office sign-off on designs, teams is the perfect way to do this. 

The tutorial shows you how to:

  1. Set up your Company plan
  2. Add new users to your plan
  3. Create teams
  4. Assign users to roles

Marvel's People Section
Your directory is a centralised list of everyone you have worked with in Marvel. Think of it as your address book.

How to add people to your plan

When you add a collaborator to a project, we'll add them to your directory so you'll be able to quickly add them to future projects without having to input their email address again.

You can also add people to the directory directly without having to work on a project:

  1. Click on the add button next to your project name 
  2. Select the Invite people tab 
  3. You can invite users via email or import your contacts from Slack, Basecamp or Asana
  4. After you send the invite, they'll get an email prompting them to sign up to Marvel
  5. Once signed up, they'll be available in your directory (and vice versa) so you can quickly add them to any project to start collaborating

How to remove people from your plan

If someone leaves your company, you can quickly remove them from your company and billing.

To remove someone from your company

  1. Go to the Company section
  2. Click on Options next to the person's name
  3. Select Remove from company

This will remove the user from your company and move them into the 'Other Collaborators' section on the Company page. 

Any unused time remaining on that's user's account will be credited to your account on your next invoice.


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