Why am I seeing the old version of my prototype?

If you've made changes to your prototype but they aren't showing in play mode, there are two possible reasons

  1. If the image was created with the Design tool, you've clicked on the Close button - this will save the screen so you can come back to it later, but won't publish the changes. If you want to save the changes for others to see, you should select the Save option.
  2. the cache on your browser is showing the old version of your prototype. You'll need to clear the cache on your web browser. 

In Safari - go to develop > empty cache
In Chrome - go to history > clear browsing data > toggle all options > clear browsing data

Offline Downloads

If you've generated an offline download  and then make changes to your project, the changes won't automatically push to the download you already have. 

You'll need to generate a new download file to get the latest version of your prototype:

  1. Delete the current installation on your phone
  2. Generate a fresh download by opening your project > hit the Download button > regenerate
  3. Download the new build to your phone 

iOS and Android App

Changes made on the web browser don't automatically push to the app. You'll need to pull to refresh for the changes to sync to your phone. 


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