How to I link my hotspot to an external website?

Marvel has a great feature which enables you to link a Hotspot to any external website. This can be used to link to your own website or portfolio for a user to find out more about your project or even as a way for your client to view their real website in progress. 

To create an external hotspot:

  1. Hover over any thumbnail in your project and click View
  2. Drag your mouse to draw a Hotspot on your image
  3. Select the Link to URL or embed option in the pop-up and enter the URL, then hit save. That's it!

This opens up some interesting possibilities. Here's a few examples for inspiration:

  • Gather feedback at the end of your prototype by linking to a questionnaire on Typeformor Survey Monkey. Great for remote user testing or validating ideas.
  • Open a file such as a PDF, video or MP3 on your own server or somewhere on the web
  • Link to YouTube, App Store, SoundCloud, Amazon items or any piece of online content
  • Open another Marvel prototype you've made!

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