What are the correct sizes for my app Icon?

App icons appear when you install your prototypes on your phone and also in Play Mode, they're a great way to add an extra level of realism and branding to your projects.

Each platform has different sizes for app icons, here are our recommendations:


  • iPhone 6 Plus - 180x180px
  • iPhone 6 and 5 - 120x120px
  • iPad and iPad mini - 152x152px
  • iPad 2 and iPad mini 76x76px


  • 192px (xxxhdpi)
  • 144px (xxhdpi)
  • 96px (xhdpi)
  • 72px (hdpi)
  • 48px (mdpi)
  • 36px (ldpi)

Need helping viewing your app icon on your phone or tablet? Check out our guide for iOS here and Android here.

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