How do I move to another screen automatically after a set time?

You can automatically transition between screens of your prototype after a select amount of time without any user interaction using the Timer feature.

It’s perfect for creating loading screens and onboarding flows. You can even use it to create an automated slideshow of your screens.

To use the Timer:

  1. Open the Editor by clicking on any of the images in your project
  2. Select Timer in the top left-hand menu
  3. Input the duration of your timer
  4. Select Pick Destination and choose a screen
  5. Close the menu for choosing the destination screen 
  6. Hit Play to see this in action 
  7. You can also use transitions with timers: once you've selected the Destination Screen, simply click on the Screen Transition tab and select transition you want to add to it. 

Check out the Home Away prototype below to see how you can use timers to automatically move between screens:

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