Adding your designs from Google Drive is a great way to keep your prototype automatically in sync with your design updates.

How to add images from Dropbox:

  1. Select the Add Images button in any project
  2. Click Google Drive
  3. Authorise Marvel to connect to your Google Drive account
  4. Once connected, select Add Images again and click Google Drive to open the file picker

Having trouble uploading or replacing your images?

If you find that your updates from Google Drive aren't syncing in your Marvel projects, this is usually because multiple accounts have been used in the same browser, causing the authentication to fail.

How to get your syncing to start working again:

  1. Sign out of your Marvel account by clicking on your avatar in the top right-hand corner of the screen
  2. Now go to and sign out of your account
  3. Also sign-out of the Google Drive app if you have it installed on your desktop. 
  4. Come back to Marvel, sign in and then make an update to your design
  5. The sync should now be working again

Force a resync

You can also 'force' the file(s) to sync by selecting it again from Google Drive. 

Disconnecting your account

It's super easy to disconnect your Google Drive account from your Marvel account. 

To do this:

  1. Head to my account
  2. Select the integrations tab
  3. Select Google Drive
  4. Click disconnect 
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