How to set-up iOS user testing with Marvel and Lookback

Marvel user testing feature that allows you to record exactly what users do with your iOS prototypes. Not only can you see their screen, taps and gestures but also their reactions using the camera and microphone on the device.

We've integrated with the awesome so each time you test, you'll get a beautiful timeline of exactly what happened in the test PLUS you see each of your screen designs segmented and timestamped.

How to get started with user testing

  1. Head to and sign up for a free account. Don't forget to add an organisation name!
  2. In Marvel, create or select any iOS project and click Share in the top right-hand corner > select the User Test tab.
  3. Click Enable User Testing. If you're already logged into Lookback you'll be automatically connected.
  4. Select Get Started
  5. Enter the user's email or mobile number to send it direct to their phone. You can also cut and paste the URL to the test.
  6. They'll be instructed to download the  Marvel iOS app before starting their test. Once they open the test link Marvel for iOS will open and begin recording.
  7. Head to Lookback to view your test results.


More questions? You can submit a request.