What roles can I assign to people in my team?

Once you have set-up your teams, you can either manage each team yourself or assign another user to be the Team Manager. This allows them to add and remove users from the team.

Note: Team Managers have the power to add new users to your company and charge the card on your account.

There are three roles:

  • Team Owner - the person who creates the Team and is paying for its members.
  • Team Manager - anyone assigned a Team Manager can edit the Team, including adding additional members (to be charged to the Team Owner).
  • Team Member - anyone added to a team is a Team Member and has full editing rights of all projects in the Team but no administrative powers. 

To edit the role of a user in a Team:

  1. Head to your Company section 
  2. Scroll to Teams and select the team you want to edit 
  3. Find the user > options > make team manager


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