User Roles & Teams

User roles allow you to give each collaborator different levels of access, whether that's read-only mode or edit - it's perfect for working with clients, stakeholders and managing your organisation within Marvel.

Roles available:

Editor - This is the default role in Marvel, typically for designers and creators. It allows the user to add, edit or remove images, collaborators and settings on projects.

Client/Reviewer - This is a 'read-only' permission which prevents the user editing or removing the project settings, images or collaborators. Great for clients and stakeholders who just need to view and comment.

Team Manager - Team Managers can add or remove people from a specific team. Each person added to a team is also added to your Company plan. Only Account Owners and Account Admins can assign this role to users.

Account Admin - Account admins can add and remove people to your Company plan, create teams and change user roles.

Anyone you add to your company will be set as Editor by default.

To edit the role of a user on a plan:

  1. Head to your People section 
  2. Find the user > options




If you work in a company where you have different divisions, clients, skill-sets or locations, teams are a great way to organise those groups.

A great example of teams in use is within an agency where the London and New York offices have separate teams, all under the same Marvel account.

Note: Creating teams is a feature of the Company Plan. Each person you add will be automatically upgraded and added to your plan, meaning they'll have access to all our premium features.

How to create a team:

  1. Click on the Company option in the header navigation
  2. Scroll down to the Teams section
  3. Click Create Team on the right
  4. Give your team a name and logo




To add people to your team:

  1. Click on the people section of your account > teams
  2. Find the team you want to add the user to
  3. Click on Add People to Team in the top right-hand corner
  4. If they're already on your plan, they'll have access to your teams projects straight away
  5. If they don't already have a Marvel account, they'll receive an invitation email asking them to create a Marvel account

To add a team to your project:
Adding a team to a project is a great way to give everyone in that team access to a project. Once added they'll be able to add comments, images and get notifications on updates.

How to add a team to your project:

  1. Select any Marvel project
  2. Once in the project, click on the add people button next to the project name
  3. In your directory, select the team you want to invite to the project.
  4. Click Update

To remove people from your team: 

  1. Head to the people section of your account > toggle to teams 
  2. Find the team you want to edit 
  3. Next to the person's name, you should see a bin icon
  4. Click & confirm



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