How do I add a collaborator to my prototype so they can edit my project?

You can invite unlimited collaborators to your Marvel projects for free, allowing clients and colleagues to log in and access your project.

Once added, they'll get an email letting them know they have been added to your project.

Note: Users must sign up using the email addresses that received the invite. You can also only add people using Marvel on web browser 

How to add a collaborator to your project:

  1. Open any Marvel project
  2. Click on the Add people button next to the project name
  3. In the invite pop up, select the invite people tab and enter the email addresses of the people you want to invite to the project and click Invite
  4. Email notifications will be sent to the users

What kind of access do they get to the project?

Collaborators will have the ability to edit your prototypes including:

  • Adding and removing images
  • Adding or removing hotspots
  • Changing project settings

Collaborators cannot

  • Archive projects 
  • Delete projects

How to change collaborator permissions to read-only

If you want to restrict what collaborators can do, check out the Company plan where you can change user permissions to read-only.

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