Can I play my project offline?

Ever had a meeting or presentation where the WIFI lets you down? We've added offline playback to our Android app to make your life easier.

Once you play a prototype on the app, it will be stored in memory so if you play it again, it will load instantly without the need to download images.

Note - some content such as maps and other embeds will still need internet connection to play

Does my app sync my work to my web account?

Yes, all projects you create in your account within our app, will also appear in the web version of your account and vice versa :)

For content to appear, please refresh the web page or if you're in the app - you can pull to refresh. 

Why can't I edit my design screens?

Currently, only screens which were created using the app can be edited on the app. 

If you created your screen using Marvel on web browser, you'll need to head back to web browser to edit your screen. You can get help with this here

We're working on creating cross-platform compatibility which means in the future, you'll be able to edit screens anywhere regardless of where they were created. 

Why won't my GIF play on the Android app?

Unfortunately, the Marvel Android app doesn't support GIFs at this time due to the limitations of the Android platform. 

For now, if you open Chrome mobile browser on your Android, your GIF will play in there. 

How can I view someone else's project via the Android app?

To view someone else's project in the Android app, the project owner will need to add you as a collaborator. 


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