When a new comment or annotation is left on your project, we'll send you an email and a notification within Marvel to let you know. 

You'll find notifications within Marvel in your activity feed in the top right. Click on the bell icon, which will have a red dot there to notify you that there are new notifications. You can then click on the 'comment' link to view each new comment within the prototype.

You can choose to stop receiving notifications when new comments are added or only be notified when you are mentioned in a comment.

  1. Open your project.
  2. Click the settings icon in the top right-hand corner
  3. Select the General tab
  4. You'll find the options Comment notifications and Mention notifications.
  5. Turn on and off as desired.

@ Mentions

When you work on a project or team with several people, you may not want every single person alerted each time a comment is made. 

Mentions is a great way to alert people that a conversation requires their attention. It also allows you to pull in people who aren't on the project, for example if your CEO needs to feedback on just one screen, a mention is a great way to alert them.

How to mention someone:

  1. Open the comments sidebar
  2. Start typing in the comment entry field and type '@' to show a list of collaborators on your projects and in your directory
  3. Select the user from the list

The user(s) will then get a email and activity feed notification alerting them to the mention.

Want everyone on the project to get email alerts about every comment? Go to Project Settings > General > then enable Comment notifications.


We have finally launched emoji support in comments! Simply open the comments side-bar and click the smiley face icon in the comments field. 😄👌

Not receiving comment notifications? 

If someone on your project is not receiving email notifications when new comments are made, there's a couple of things that may be the cause.

1. Check your junk mail

It's possible that email filters are sending notification emails into your junk inbox.

2. The user has unsubscribed from email notifications in Marvel or you've disabled comments notifications in the project settings

Anyone receiving email notifications has the opportunity to unsubscribe using the link at the bottom of emails.

It could also be possible that you've disabled comments  notifications in the project settings. To enable notifications: 

  1. Head to project settings by opening your project and clicking on the settings icon in the top right-hand corner 
  2. Click on the general tab > comments notifications > toggle on
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