What are some keyboard shortcuts that will save me time?

Marvel has a number of time-saving keyboard shortcuts in different areas throughout the site to make your life easier.

Design Screen 

CMD and + to zoom in 

CMD and - to zoom out 

CTRL + 1 - to centre screen

Project screen

- and + - Make thumbnails larger or smaller

Editor view

Esc - exit any panel including the screen selector, comment sidebar and modals.

Shift + click - Jump to a hotspot destination

Arrow keys - navigate left and right through screens

- and + - Zoom in and out of screens

CMD+C to copy a hotspot or an element on the Design screen 

CMD+V to paste a hotspot or an element on the Design screen 

A - Annotate the design

Play Mode

H - Go to the first screen

S - Show hotspots

G - Show grid view

Arrow keys to navigate left and right

Note - these shortcuts are for Mac computers, if you're on Windows you may need to substitute the CMD key for control.

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