What are teams and how do they work?

If you work in a company where you have different divisions, clients, skill-sets or locations, teams are a great way to organise those groups.

A great example of teams in use is within an agency where the London and New York offices have separate teams, all under the same Marvel account.

Each team has 'Team Managers' which is a permission that allows users to add or remove people from the Team and keep it managed. You can find out more about team managers and user permissions here.

Essentially each team is independent and able to manage itself. Team projects are viewable by the team members, account owner and admins only. Everyone else in the company will be unable to see the team's projects unless invited to the team.

Note: Creating teams is a feature of the Company Plan, each person added to a team will be added to your company (if they are not already on your plan) and billed as a new user.

How to create a team:

  1. Click on the Company option in the header navigation
  2. Scroll down to the Teams section
  3. Click Create Team on the right
  4. Give your team a name and logo

Any user added to a team will also become part of your company (if they are not on it already) and charged to your plan. Find out more about how you're billed for this here.

Once you've created a team you can invite users in just a few clicks. Each person you add will be automatically upgraded and added to your plan, meaning they'll have access to all our premium features.



To add people to your team:

  1. Click Company
  2. Find the team you want to add the user to
  3. Click on Add People to Team in the top right-hand corner
  4. If they're already on your plan, they'll have access to your teams projects straight away
  5. If they don't already have a Marvel account, they'll receive an invitation email asking them to create a Marvel account


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