How does the People directory work?

People is a centralised directory of everyone you have worked with in Marvel. Think of it as your address book.

You can quickly view and manage everyone associated with your account in People, including adding, removing and organsing users.

How the People directory works

When you add a collaborator to a project, we'll add them to the People directory so you'll be able to quickly add them to future projects without having to input their email address again.

You can also add people to the directory directly without having to work on a project. Click on Invite/Import people and invite users via email or Slack, Basecamp or Asana.

After you send the invite, they'll get an email prompting them to sign up to Marvel.

Once signed up, they'll be available in your People directory (and vice versa) so you can quickly add them to any project to start collaborating.


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