How do I embed audio?

Audio embeds are a great way to add rich and dynamic audio and music to your prototypes. Marvel lets you embed videos directly from Soundcloud or Spotify to bring your prototypes to life.

How to embed audio:

  1. Hover over any image in your project and click view
  2. Once the editor opens, click and drag anywhere on the image to draw a hotspot.
  3. In the image selector pop up, select Link to URL or embed
  4. Click the drop down and select Embed
  5. Paste your embed code from Spotify or Soundcloud and hit save
  6. Close the pop up and click Play to hear your audio

Need some help with finding the embed code on Soundcloud or Spotify?

How to find the your embed code on Soundcloud

  1. Select any song
  2. Click the share icon
  3. Select Embed
  4. Copy the embed code

You can access additional features by clicking More options

How to find the your embed code on Spotify

  1. Select any song
  2. Right click on any song
  3. Click Copy Embed Code

Note - when copying from Soundcloud and Spotify, the entire embed code should be copied, so it should look like this when it's pasted into Marvel:


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