How to keep the positioning of the page scroll when moving to a new screen

The 'Keep scroll position' feature allows you to set-up a hotspot on one screen, and have the destination screen load at the exact same scroll position as the user was on the previous screen. This is a great tool for creating chat and messaging prototypes, where the conversation often loads at the bottom of each screen. 

  1. Select any image in your project
  2. Click 'Prototype'
  3. Select any existing hotspot or click and drag anywhere on the image to draw a new hotspot
  4. In the pop up, select a destination screen
  5. Click 'Keep scroll position' to enable
  6. Click 'Close'


Check out the 'Gossip Folk' prototype below which uses this feature to keep the scroll position from the previous screen. Simply click on the last message on each screen to see it in action! 

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