How to add comments and annotations


Comments are a great way to get feedback on your prototypes. Anyone with access to your project and a Marvel account will be able to leave a comment if you have comments enabled on your project.  No Marvel account? No problem! Your commenter can speedily create a free account by clicking the sign up button when leaving a comment 🎉

How to comment on a prototype

When you share a prototype, viewers can quickly leave comments.

  1. Open the Marvel prototype
  2. Click on Comments on the bottom left
  3. In the entry field, enter your comment
  4. You may be asked to log in at this step

Once a new comment has been added, an email notification will be sent to the collaborators on the project.

How to comment in the Marvel editor

If you are logged in to Marvel, you can quickly leave comments on any screen by using the Editor.

  1. Hover over any image in your project
  2. Click view
  3. At the top left of the Editor, click on comments
  4. In the entry field, enter your comment
  5. Hit 'leave comment' when finished 

How to edit your comment

  1. Hover over the comment that you want to edit > options
  2. Select Edit comment
  3. After making your change, click Save.

The comment system in Marvel allows you to reply to any comment and create a thread.

How to reply:

  1. Click on the Comments in either the editor or play mode
  2. Find the comment you wish to reply to and click Reply
  3. Add a reply and hit leave reply when finished 

To delete your comment:

  1. Hover over the comment that you want to delete > options 
  2. Select delete 

If you want to use commenting as a way to keep up with tasks or let your client know that you've made a change based on a comment, you can mark it as 'done'. 

  1.  Click on the Comments in either the editor or share mode
  2. Hover over the comment and click Mark as done.

Note: You can't mark replies as done, only the parent comment.


To leave an annotation:

  1. Click on the comment button
  2. Click on the crosshair icon in the comment field
  3. The page will switch into annotation mode, click anywhere to drop your annotation
  4. Write your comment
  5. Click Leave comment

 To edit your annotation:

  1. Open the Comments side bar
  2. Select the annotation you want to edit > options 
  3. Click Edit comment
  4. Make your changes and click save 
  5. You can also reposition the annotation by dragging the annotation marker to its new position 

To change your annotation into a comment 

  1. Hover over the comment that is attached to the annotation in the sidebar > options 
  2. Select Remove annotation.


How to enable/disable comments on your project

  1. Open your project
  2. Click on the project settings icon in the top right-hand corner
  3. Click on General
  4. Click on Enable Comments to switch commenting on or off

If you use the share link with comments enabled, your reviewers can comment by using super quick sign in or sign up for a free Marvel account so they can stay up-to-date with the convo 🎉


How to disable email notifications for new comments

  1. Open your project
  2. Click on Settings
  3. Uncheck Comment notifications


Private Comments

Who can leave/see a private comment?

Private comments are only available to people on Team and Enterprise plans, and only allow editors and internal reviewers to view them, not external reviewers.

How to leave a private comment

There is a little switcher below the send button to change your comment type:



You can use this switcher to toggle between Public and Private comments 👍 

Viewing private comments

You’ll be able to tell which comment is a private one by the little lock icon on the comment:


You can also toggle between 'All', 'Private' and 'Resolved' comments using a little filter at the top of the comments panel:




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